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Buying Pilot Supplies

Buying Pilot Supplies

Buying Pilot Supplies

Every pilot is unique and has preferences for the accessories they require when flying. Whether you are an experienced pilot or a brand-new student pilot, there are certain supplies that you should always take with you when you fly. Some supplies are essential for every flight while others are for emergencies. While buying pilot supplies, below are some of the essential items that you should consider acquiring:

A Flight Bag

A flight bag might sound obvious but you must start somewhere. The right flight bag should be large enough to accommodate all the necessary supplies, but should not occupy too much space in the plane. Most pilots prefer flight bags with multiple compartments and can “sit firmly” in the cockpit. A bag with several compartments will help you organize your supplies, knowing where to locate every item when you need it.

A Pilot Headset

The main reason why pilots wear headsets is to reduce the noise in the cockpit to avoid hearing loss. Headsets also enable pilots to communicate effectively with the ATC. A pilot should not go cheap on headsets because they play a crucial role. Without the proper headset, a pilot might experience hearing loss because of the cockpit commotion.

Pilot Logbook

A pilot logbook is a crucial diary of a pilot’s career, training, and solo journeys. It contains important information regarding where a pilot has flown, the number of hours, the landings taken, who the pilot flew with, kinds of instrument approaches, and the type of plane they flew. Tracking your aviation time in a logbook will help you prove that you have adequate training and experience to receive certain licensing, endorsements, and ratings. You should always keep your logbook in your flight bag to ensure that you record your flight after every landing.

Pilot Watch

A pilot watch is an essential tool for traversing the skies. Some of the important features that you should look out for when buying a pilot watch include an illuminated dial for visibility in darkness or at night. A tachymeter for a chronograph is crucial to enable a pilot to measure the distance traveled based on speed or calculate speed based on the travel time.


Sunglasses are crucial because they help safeguard a pilot’s vision. The right pair of sunglasses is essential in the cockpit to optimize visual performance. Sunglasses decrease eye fatigue, reduce the effects of harsh sunlight, and protect ocular tissues from harmful solar radiation. Sunglasses also protect pilots’ eyes from impact with objects. Because of the increased UV exposure at altitude, pilots are more prone to cataracts. A pilot should do everything possible to safeguard their vision; this means investing in quality sunglasses.

Handheld Aviation Radio

A handheld aviation radio has plenty of uses. They serve as back up radios for pilots and also come in handy in ATC practice for aviation students. Drone pilots and plane spotters can all benefit from having an aviation radio in their hands. You should go for an aviation hand-held radio that comes with a built-in GPS for the best navigation.

Other crucial pilot supplies that you should invest in include flashlights, checklists, kneeboards, GPS, Yoke mounts, and RAM mounts among others. For the best pilot supplies, contact Fallon Pilot Shop.

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