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Flight Planning Tools

Flight Planning Tools

Flight Planning Tools

Flight planning is a crucial aspect of flight preparation. It involves different practices such as the inspection of the fuel level to ensure it’s enough for the flight distance and every element of the aircraft complies with air traffic control standards. Since the success and safety of the flight depend on planning, you will need the best planning tools for accurate results. Some of the flight planning tools you can use are:


Pilots usually need to highlight their charts, which makes erasable highlighters some of the best planning tools. The markers come in different colors, but one of their best features is the built-in eraser that can make your work a lot easier. You won’t have to worry about permanent marks on the wrong parts of the chart. These markers are great for local and long-distance flights.


FAA charts are essential parts of every flight. The charts are available for different flight stages, including training, departure, and arrival. The charts have all the information you’ll need to learn and navigate your route safely. With the aeronautical chart, you reduce the chances of getting lost or getting involved in a dangerous situation like flying into bad weather. Whether you are familiar with the route you are taking or not, a flight chart should never miss from your plane. Some of the information you will get in these flight planning tools include obstructions on your route, available airports, airspace, and other physical features. 

Navigation plotters

Different types of navigational plotters are available for various preferences. You can use these tools to draw your flight course on the chart, including airports you’ll stop at and checkpoints. The plotters can also be used to measure the flight distance and calculate the mileage. While calculating the distance, you can also discover the true course of the flight. You can use a fixed or flexible plotter. 

Flight computers

Flight computers are essential for calculating flight duration and fuel burn, as well as other crucial details. You won’t have to guess the amount of fuel you’ll need or other technicalities of the flight when you have one of these. They are versatile and precise in their calculations, which means you can rely on them for accurate results. They can help you determine the best approach to various situations such as lightning, entering a different time zone, and transition from day to night views. Additional factors you’ll be able to calculate with flight computers are altitude, crosswind, atmosphere, and climb and descent. 

Airport directories

Airport facility directories are tools that contain all the relevant information about the condition of aeronautical facilities on your route. Having such knowledge can come in handy when you are facing emergencies, or you need to land urgently. 

These flight planning tools can help you avoid mid-air collisions, fuel shortage, getting lost, or combating extreme weather elements. They prepare you for possible unforeseen situations and keep the flight economical by making sure you use pre-established routes. There are several other tools you can check out on Fallon Pilot Shop for more convenience during the flight.

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