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Flight Training Books

Flight Training Books

Flight Training Books

Are you planning to begin your journey towards becoming a pilot? Flight training books are a worthy investment if you want to start your pilot training. The books may also come in handy to help you understand the knowledge needed to acquire a private or public pilot certificate. Even experienced pilots benefit from flight training books, which help them refresh their knowledge. Below are some of the important flight training book categories.

Federal Aviation Regulations

The federal aviation regulations and aeronautical information manuals are core pilot books. A pilot needs to understand the regulations and memorize most of the Federal Aviation Regulations so a book with these regulations is a must-have. Digital copies of the federal aviation regulations are accessible on the FAA’s site but a pilot might still require a hard copy. It’s particularly to learn the aviation regulations while undergoing pilot training since examiners and instructors will expect you to understand the regulations.

Weather Books

Every pilot or aspiring pilot needs a weather book to help them understand the codes used in defining aviation weather. Most people might assume that only the inexperienced pilot requires a weather book. However, a weather book is crucial especially when you start flying and you have to interpret or understand all the complex code-filled weather reports. When you get used to flying, you’ll get to a time when you don’t refer to the weather book every time. However, even an experienced pilot may see an unfamiliar or unusual weather report that requires them to refer to a weather book.

FAA’s Exams Preparation Books

If you are preparing for an FAA examination, you will need some books to help you prepare. Some of the FAA knowledge examination questions can be tricky and a student needs to embrace all the learning materials available. Other crucial flight training books include FAA oral examination guides and FAA practical test standards.

Flight training books can also help you ace that upcoming pilot’s interview, especially the technical pilot interview. The aviation sector is always emerging. A pilot needs to stay updated with all the recent developments and advancements in the aviation industry. Reading emerging flight training books should be part of every pilot’s lifestyle. 

Popular Flight Training Books

Some popular flight training books include:

  • 21st Century Flight Training – Authored by Sean E. Lane, this book outlines the effects of the recent technological advancement in aviation hardware, software, and infrastructure. It examines the effects of these advancements on a pilot’s visual flying skills.
  • A Pilot’s Guide to Aircraft and their System – The book was written by Dale Crane and published in 2002. It helps aviators understand the components of an aircraft and their functionalities.
  • Ace the Technical Pilot Interview – This book is authored by Gary Bristow and provides pilots with answers they require to pass a technical interview.
  • Advanced Avionics Handbook –This provides general aviation users with information on avionics equipment.
  • Aerodynamics for Aviators – This is a college-level aerodynamics textbook covering all the relevant information to pilot including private license and public license requirements.

You can never exhaust the vast variety of flight training books available to help pilots and aspiring pilots to hone their flying skills. Fallon Pilot Shop provides the latest flight training books so contact us today for any recommendations. 

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