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Fallon Aviation has partnered with Melbourne Flight Training to provide affordable aircraft rental and flight training.

Convenient and Effective Flight Training for the Aspiring Aviator

Melbourne Flight Training connects you with professional flight instructors on the Space Coast so you can get airborne today! Our professional flight instructors have many years of flight experience performing different types of flying over their careers including flight instruction, corporate, charter, airline, and military flying. Now they are ready to pass on their extensive aviation knowledge to you through individually tailored instructional sessions in our advanced aircraft fleet.

At Melbourne Flight Training we only operate the safest, most reliable training aircraft in the world. We have equipped them with the most advanced avionics and maintain them to the absolute highest FAA standards. Online scheduling keeps you flying as often as you want, with realistic prices to help you finish on a budget. Call us to help you to get started on your pilot certificate right away!

Benefits of flying with Melbourne Flight Training:

  • Professional Instructors.

  • Safe, reliable, and advanced training aircraft with Garmin avionics suites.

  • Easy to use online scheduling and billing.





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