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Aero Cosmetics – Bug Scrubber Mini Mop with Expandable 4′ to 9′ Pole


Aero Cosmetics – Bug Scrubber Mini Mop with Expandable 4′ to 9′ Pole


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The new Bug Scrubber/Mini Mop is excellent for removing baked on bugs from the leading edges of Aircraft and RV`s. Extends from 4` to 9 feet with the push of a button. The Bug Scrubber has two settings: regular scrubbing and Power edge scrubbing. It will not scratch paint or gelcoat, and is great for use with a waterless wash and wax. It also includes an extra Microfiber pad so you can also use it as a Mini Wash Wax Mop.

Aero Cosmetics, makers of the first waterless aircraft, car wash is now introducing the first waterless mop designed for washing aircraft, cars, RV`s and boats. The Wash Wax Mop was developed to make waterless washing faster, and easier, without the need for a ladder. This new patent pending, first of its kind, double sided mop, has two independent, washable micro fiber pads. One pad, the “wet side”, is for applying Wash Wax ALL to the surface to be cleaned, and the other pad, the “dry side”, is for drying the surface. Aero Cosmetics customers are reporting that due to the waterless mop`s ease-of-use, it reduces the time to clean an aircraft or RV by 40-50%. Now you can clean a much larger area faster, with less effort, while also eliminating the safety concerns with constantly climbing and moving a ladder.

Includes: Mop head with two Micro Fiber Mop Pads and a Deluxe 4`-9 ft extension Pole.

  • Faster and easier washing

  • Safe – no ladders to climb

  • Wash anywhere – no restrictions

  • Conserve with waterless wash



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