ASA 101 Crosswords for Pilots


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are inherently drawn to puzzles; all types of problem-solving, and
flying along playing the “what-if” game are characteristics in their
nature. They share a fascination for anything and everything about
airplanes and flying. The over 6,000 clues used in 101 Crosswords for Pilots
will provide hours of enjoyment for pilots and aviation history
enthusiasts, stimulating recall of stored knowledge as well as
satisfying that innate yearning to learn more. Each puzzle’s clues have
references to the aviation knowledge source they were derived from.

Crossword-puzzle creator Michael Shurtz became a private pilot in
1980 by bagging groceries to pay for flying lessons; later he earned
commercial and flight instructor certificates with a multi-engine rating
and has taught mountain flying techniques in the Rockies, towed
gliders, flown volcano tours and powered parachutes in the Pacific
Northwest. As a flight instructor, Michael has always looked for fun and
interesting ways to engage his students. Michael has a Bachelor of
Science degree in geographic information systems and cartography.

ISBN 9781560277316

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