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From new author Ross Nixon, a book that tells the true story of an
aviation search-and-rescue and a family’s struggle— and how together
they affected the history of the use of emergency locator transmitters
(ELTs) in aircraft.

In March 1967, a Cessna 195 flew from
Oregon towards San Francisco carrying a family of three: Alvin Oien, Sr.
(the pilot), his wife Phyllis and step-daughter Carla Corbus. Due to
worse-than-predicted weather, it went down in the mountains of northern
California only eight miles from a highway. It was before they became
required equipment for airplanes, and this downed airplane had no ELT in
rugged terrain and snowy winter storms… all these negatives hindered
the search-and-rescue efforts.

The eventual finding of the wreck
in October of that year by hunters shocked the nation. A diary and
series of letters from the survivors explained their predicament; now,
in Finding Carla Ross Nixon tells the complete story as it has never
been told— in full, with its effect on the author himself as he
rediscovered it.

The unfolding of this tragedy spurred political
action towards making ELTs in aircraft mandatory; out of tragedy, the
Oien family’s legacy lives on, as the radios have saved thousands of
lives since then. Pilots who read this story will never fly without a
flight plan, survival gear, or a working ELT.

A fascinating
story about human survival and perseverance, Finding Carla is also ideal
reading for aviation safety, law, human factors, and accident
investigation courses. Illustrated with a family photo and memorabilia
album; includes details of the forming of ELT regulations in an Appendix
that reproduces excerpts from The Congressional Record. Softcover, 6″ x
9″, black and white, 230 pages.

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