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ASA The Flight Instructor’s Manual (eBundle)


ASA The Flight Instructor’s Manual (eBundle)


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This money-saving eBundle includes both the Softcover book and ASA eBook PDF.

The Flight Instructor’s Manual is an invaluable reference for flight instructor applicants and serves as an indispensable guide for both new and experienced instructors (CFIs). Organized so each chapter can be used as a stand-alone reference for a particular phase of instruction, allowing it to serve as a “how to teach” guide on topics including: fundamentals of flight instruction (FOI), presolo instruction, first solo to the private certificate, advanced VFR instruction, introduction to aerobatic instruction, and instrument instruction. The book also features a comprehensive spin syllabus, material on multi-engine airplanes, instructing international students, teaching ground school, and setting up tests.

With teaching tips on:

  • Fundamentals of Flight Instruction (FOI)

  • Presolo

  • First Solo to the Private Certificate

  • Complex Single-Engine Airplanes

  • Light Twins

  • Spins

  • Aerobatics

  • Instruments

    With over six decades of experience as pilot-in-command in more than 100 types and models of airplanes, Bill Kershner was FAA/General Aviation Flight Instructor of the Year in 1992, and named Elder Statesman of Aviation in 1997. He was inducted into the Flight Instructor Hall of Fame in 1998. His son, William C. Kershner, was soloed by his father, and holds Flight Instructor and Airline Transport Pilot certificates. He has flown 22 types of airplanes in his over 15,000 hours of flight time, ranging from Cessna 150s to Boeing 777s.

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