ASA Test Pilot: 1,001 Things You Thought You Knew About Aviation


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Regarding his choice of questions for the “Test Pilot” column material, Barry Schiff asserts, “… If the answer isn’t surprising, educational, or entertaining, I don’t want it …” Schiff is on a continuous quest for aviation knowledge—and the flight instructor in him wants to share it.

into eight chapters, the book presents fun facts on the following
subjects: History, Piloting, Navigation, Weather, Aircraft, Airlines and
Military, Facts of Flight, Procedures and Regulations.

multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, mix-and-match, and essay
questions, the reader is challenged to derive the answer before finding
it at the end of the chapter.

A true aviation buff, the author
teaches new information, clarifies points commonly misunderstood, and
provides a wealth of knowledge on the aviation industry. Illustrated
throughout with unique and entertaining photographs from Barry Schiff’s
own collection. Foreword by Thomas B. Haines. Softcover, 400 pages.


Pilots are accustomed to test-taking — it’s part of earning and maintaining all pilot certificates. But this collection of infrequently-asked
questions puts the fun back into self-quizzing, encouraging you to
stretch your knowledge base and go beyond the subjects learned during
student pilot days. Some of Schiff’s questions are for pure
entertainment. Some take you right to the airport:

A pilot is taxiing along a narrow taxiway at an uncontrolled airport on
a cloudless day when he notices another 172 approaching from the
opposite direction. Without stopping, how can both pilots be certain
that their wingtips will not touch as they pass one another?”

Some questions share tips from a pro; other material will spark lively discussions for hangar flying.

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