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In his new foreword to The Proficient Pilot,
Volume 2, Space Shuttle Crewmember Jay Apt summarizes Barry Schiff’s
contribution to aviation in this book with these words:

    writes with a practical eye for details that matter. Throughout the
    book, he makes aviation theory understandable and always translates it
    into sensible advice that a pilot can readily use…I’ll read this one
    every year as part of my personal attempt to remain proficient…this
    book will not only increase your proficiency, it will greatly increase
    your love of flying.”

Schiff disposes of popular
misconceptions about cruise control, flying in turbulence, coping with
wind shear, and obtaining meaninful performance data. Soft Cover,
illustrated, indexed, 328 pages.

Also by Barry Schiff: Proficient
Pilot, Volume 1; Flying Wisdom: Proficient Pilot Volume 3; Test Pilot:
1,001 Things You Thought You Knew About Aviation

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