The Complete Handbook on Piloting and Aeronautics – Darren Smith


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The only volume you will ever need. Full coverage of the operation and flying of the airplane under all conditions. Published November 2017, paperback 604pp, with 700 diagrams.

Nearly 60% of airplane accidents are attributed to pilot error. In many cases, the cause is insufficient knowledge of basic aerodynamics, stability and control, or the performance of the airplane. This knowledge enables the pilot to operate the airplane safely, optimize performance and provide effective controls – under normal and adverse flight conditions. Knowledge of aerodynamics enables the pilot to control angle-of-attack, thrust and apply the correct flight control inputs in the response to forces acting the airplane.

Here, in one comprehensive volume, is full coverage of operation of the airplane and piloting for normal and hazardous flight conditions. The book contains numerous case histories of accidents and incidents in a variety of flight situations and conditions. These are analyzed in depth and, where possible, diagnosed in relation to pilot control of the airplane and other causes.

This book is invaluable for pilots, aspiring pilots, accident investigators, college engineering students and those for whom understanding the technology and operation of airplanes is important. It is a unique, single-source tool, complete with in-depth coverage on all facets of airplane operation in all situations.

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