Chewy – The Teeth-32 Airplane Teething Toy


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Teeth-32 is a labor of love dedicated to little ones on their path to
soar through life. Our toy is dedicated to teething babies from a pilot
Daddy who wants all babies to reach for the stars! Chewy, the Teeth-32,
is your child’s very own trainer airplane! Inspired by a military
instructor pilot and daddy, Teeth-32 wants to embark on an adventure
with your little one as they grow all 32 of their teeth! Each Teeth-32
is made from 100% natural Havea rubber and is hypoallergenic. They are
hand painted with non-toxic, food grade natural paints and easy to
clean. The varying textures mimic real airplane parts and allow the baby
to grasp and sooth their gums. The built in squeaker is sure to keep your child’s attention. Each wingtip is enlarged to imitate
wingtip tanks on airplanes such as the T-33 Shooting Star, while the
raised bumps on the wing act as vortex generators used to straighten the
airflow over the wing on airplanes such as the T-45C Goshawk. The
raised intakes above the wing give added texture while the nose and tail
are sure to be your child’s favorite!