Flight Flix Rock Steady VibeX Ball Mount, Drift & Garmin 360, Clamp Base w/ Dovetail


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VibeX Mount

The Rock Steady VibeX mount cancels jello effect, stops global
shutter, and isolates your camera from vibration. The VibeX mount solves
high airspeed and engine vibration issues. VibeX Gel is engineered to
completely isolate and stabilize your camera from the most common
vibration frequencies effecting HD cameras. The patented VibeX gel
design eliminates vibration where it matters most, at the camera! The
patented design, along with the mounts rigid machined aluminum
construction holds the camera rock steady in the most extreme
environments. Years of testing on nearly every type of aircraft and
vehicle has led to the perfect solution. Many electronic stabilizers are
expensive and do not hold up. Your camera is only as good as your
mount. There is no substitute to a good quality static isolation mount
to kill jello. The VibeX mount is every professionals best tool.

Compatible with all Rock Steady bases.

Standard Adapter

The Drift cameras fit the VibeX mount easily with a simple stud
adapter. One end of the stud adapter threads into the camera. A preset
spacer is has been adjusted to the perfect distance to slightly compress
the VibeX gel allowing maximum vibration isolation. A thumb nut holds
the camera and adapter on the VibeX mount. Fits any Drift cameras,
Garmin Virb 360, and other standard 1/4-20? cameras.

Rock Steady Clamp Base

With the Rock Steady Clamp base you can mount your camera to any
frame, round tubing, handle, or gear leg. This all metal base clamps
around any tubing from 1/2? to 1? diameter, and most other shaped
channel. Includes thumb screws with hex drives to be installed by hand
or with a hex wrench. The aluminum block has countless configurations,
such as with a U-bolt clamp for installs with tight clearances, with
longer bolts for wide reaches, or simply bolt one half to a flat
This clamp base is compatible with all Rock Steady mounts.