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Grumman General AA (AG)-5G-5B 26.3G FuelStik


Grumman General AA (AG)-5G-5B 26.3G FuelStik


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Extremely light, high impact plastic tubing with aluminum rings resist
damage. Available “Aircraft Specific Scales” Can be downloaded and
printed from the website. Can easily be calibrated to any tank using the
“Universal” scale. A worksheet, written instructions and even an
instructional video are available at the website. We will generate an
“Aircraft Specific Scale” from your calibration
It’s shipping tube doubles as a “Vented Storage Tube”. This allows any
remaining fuel to evaporate between uses, provides a protection for the
life of the unit and reduces manufacturing waste. It’s design gives
consistent readings even when the fuel in the tank is sloshing around.
It’s upper and lower rings aide in handling. Large Easy-to-Read numbers
observed outside the tank. Quantities given in both Gallons and Pounds!
Color coded sections represent approx. 1/3 cruise consumption. It’s not
limited to your aircraft. Works in tractors, small motors, etc. Will not
fall into fuel tank on most aircraft.


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