Let’s Fly a Plane! Kids Book


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Equip the next generation of scientists with a brand new series from Chris Ferrie, the #1 science author for kids!

How do airplanes stay up in the sky? That’s the question Red Kangaroo
needs answered and she knows exactly who can help her—Dr. Chris! Explore
the four forces of flight—drag, lift, thrust and weight—and get ready
to take off with this introduction to aerospace engineering.

Chris Ferrie offers a kid-friendly introduction to the science of flight
in this first installment of his new Everyday Science Academy series.
With real-world and practical examples, young readers will have a firm
grasp of scientific and mathematical concepts to help answer many of
their “why” questions.

Perfect for elementary-aged children and supports the Common Core
Learning Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and the Science,
Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) standards.

Backmatter includes a glossary, comprehension questions aligned with
Bloom’s Taxonomy and experiments kids can easily do at school or at

Hardcover, 9×9″, 40 pages