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Mobilgrease 28 – 14 Oz Tube


Mobilgrease 28 – 14 Oz Tube


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Mobilgrease 28 is a supreme performance, high temperature, antiwear grease
designed to combine the unique features of a polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic
base fluid with an organo-clay (non-soap) thickener.  The wax-free nature of
the synthetic base fluid, together with its low coefficient of traction
compared with mineral oils, provide excellent low temperature pumpability,
very low starting and running torque, and can reduce operating temperatures in
the load zone of rolling element bearings.  The clay thickener provides
excellent stability at high temperatures and Mobilgrease 28 has a high
dropping point value of 260ºC. . In addition, it resists water washing,
provides superior load-carrying ability, reduces frictional drag, and prevents
excessive wear. Tests show that Mobilgrease 28 prevents friction oxidation
(fretting) and lubricates rolling element bearings under conditions of high
speeds and temperatures. It has also shown superior ability to lubricate
heavily loaded sliding mechanisms, such as wing flap screwjacks.  Its
consistency is between an NLGI No. 1 and No. 2 grease.

Mobilgrease 28 meets the quality level  of U.S. Military Specification
MIL-G-81322E, General-Purpose, Aircraft, and is approved against U.S. Military
Specification DOD-G-24508A (Navy) for shipboard auxiliary machinery. It can be
designated U.S. Military Symbol WTR and NATO Symbol G-395.

Mobilgrease 28 has been the grease of choice for military and related
applications, worldwide, for more than 30 years since its introduction. This
leading product is based on the synthesized PAO base stocks that were
pioneered by the R&D arm of our company resulting in step-out performance not
only in grease but in many fluid lubricants, too.

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