MyGoFlight iPad Sport Cool Case for iPad Pro 11 GEN 1 / Air 4


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Introducing the iPad Sport Cool Case. As the iPad has gotten thinner
and is equipped with a more powerful processor and larger battery, it
runs hotter. And, no matter the temperature in or outside the cockpit,
direct sunlight on the screen of the iPad will cause it to overheat in
about ten minutes. We’ve solved these problems.

The iPad Sport Cool Case is the first iPad case to add high-end
gaming laptop cooling technology engineered to provide maximum airflow
with minimum noise powered from the iPad itself in a cool, sleek design.
No extra batteries, minimal extra weight. 

The iPad Sport Cool Case can be used either as a mountable case or
kneeboard and can be used in direct sun. Used in cockpits of planes,
trucks and cars and outside when flying a drone or at the beach.

Key features of the iPad Sport Cool Case for iPad cooling are:

  • GPU/CPU Thermal Blower Technology
  • Powered by iPad
  • Compatible with all MYGOFLIGHT Mounts**
  • Compatible with ArmorGlas by MYGOFLIGHT
  • Great Everyday Case
  • Upgradeable: we designed the cooling components in a
    way that allows them to be transferred to a new case when you upgrade
    your iPad. This will save you money on future purchases.

** Mounts Sold Separately