Phillips Stud – 302 Stainless – Meets NASM5591 – 1050lbs – Diamondhead


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It has been our goal for over 30 years to develop one fastener series that will outperform everything in its class including steel parts for strength, corrosion resistance, and durability for the price of common steel parts.  Our new Diamondhead™ stainless 4000 series ¼-turn fasteners have been lab tested to meet or exceed NASM5591 performance requirements for steel parts with the superior corrsion resistance of stainless steel.

Our goal was to develop the ultimate fastener with the properties of several parts series, thus to reduce the inventory cost burden to airframe and defense manufacturers.  The new Diamondhead ¼-turn fastener will reduce costs for major manufacturers by providing a superior performing part for the end user.  TSO-C148 approved.