BrightLine – FLEX Array Base Plate


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A simple velcro-covered panel that will accept any of the ARRAY pouches or the FLEX Holster and then store directly inside any FLEX Center Section.

This is a flat panel with (loop) Velcro on one side.  It is 9.0 inches wide and 12.75 inches tall.  It serves as the Base Plate for the FLEX ARRAY pouches.  It also holds one or two handguns using the FLEX Holster.  The Base Plate, and anything attached to it, then fits perfectly inside any FLEX Center Section.  Depending on the depth of the chosen Center Section, more than one Base Plate with attached items can be stacked on top of each other inside the Center Section.  All Velcro has a “hook” side and a “loop” side.  The Base Plate is covered with “loop” Velcro.

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