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ViBAN IFR Hood – with Nosepiece


ViBAN is the perfect view-limiting device / IFR Hood. It won’t dig into your nose, temples, and ears like clunky hoods and safety glass types.  Its ultra-lightweight, one ounce design are important features that make ViBAN hardly noticeable while deeply immersed in training. 

ViBAN is black for a reason. Black is a neutral color and soothing when close to the eye. It won’t irritate the eyes like white, yellow, or frosted products do.  It is made to fold compactly to fit in its case, saving precious space in the cockpit. The semi-hard case has a belt loop so it can be at your side for easy access during training. All ViBans come with a case and cord at no extra charge.

This version, with a nosepiece, is designed for those that do not wear glasses.

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