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Wing Wash – Aircraft Belly Wash


Wing Wash – Aircraft Belly Wash





Wing Wash’s High-Performance Belly Wash is fast and effective at removing oil blow-by, dirt, grime, and grease from your aircraft without the need to rinse. Safe, non-toxic, solvent free formula will not damage or degrade rubber components and is safe for all exterior aircraft surfaces.


Product may be used as a wet or waterless wash. For a waterless wash simply spray the area to be cleaned and wipe away with a clean cloth turning the cloth as necessary and replacing when it becomes soiled. If using wet, rinse the aircraft first to remove loose soils. Allow excess water to run off prior to applying Belly Wash. Spray surface to be cleaned with an even mist of Belly Wash, agitate with a clean microfiber cloth or soft bristle brush, rinse with water. For best results dry using a chamois or clean microfiber cloth.

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Weight1.7500 lbs
Dimensions9.0000 × 6.0000 × 4.0000 in
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Case of 12 (16 oz) Bottles, Single (16 oz) Bottle

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