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Wing Wash – Aircraft Window Cleaner


Wing Wash – Aircraft Window Cleaner





Wing Wash’s powerful Anti-Fog Glass Cleaner is safe and effective on a variety of surfaces. As it cleans it leaves behind a protective barrier and streak-free shine preventing fog on glass, mirrors, and clear plastics. Anti-Fog Glass Cleaner is the first product of its type combining powerful cleaning agents and anti-fog protection into one high-performance package.


This product is ready to use. Simply spray onto surface to be cleaned and wipe off using paper towels or a clean, lint-free microfiber cloth. For best anti-fog results: Use a lint free microfiber cloth and spray the product directly onto the cloth. Wipe onto surface to be treated and allow product to dry on its own.

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Weight1.7500 lbs
Dimensions9.0000 × 6.0000 × 4.0000 in
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Case of 12 (16 oz) Bottles, Single (16 oz) Bottle

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